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Lithuanian Animation Retrospective

Posted October 8, 2012 in Events

Bogeyman / Baubas (1987, Ilja Bereznickas)

Lithuanian Animation has a history dating back one hundred years. In the beginning was one of the greatest pioneers of animation, self- taught filmmaker Ladislas Starewitch. This retrospective, spanning almost 100 years and lovingly put together by animation historian Dasa Vanova, features puppet, hand-drawn, cutout, shadow theatre techniques and computer generated films and a very dark streak of humour that runs throughout.

Special thanks to the Lithuanian Embassy in London, Daiva Parulskiene, Rita Valiukonytė, Dasa Vanova and the Anifest Festival in the Czech Republic.

Animation historian Dasa Vanova will introduce this screening and take questions afterwards, along with Urte Budinaite, Lithuanian animator, whose animation film Independence Day is screened.


The Insects’ Christmas (1913, Ladislas Starewitch)

The Wolf and the Tailor / Vilkas ir siuvėjas (1966, Zenonas Tarakevičius)

Initiative / Iniciatyva (1970, Antanas Janauskas)

The Tree / Medis (1983, Nijolė Valadkevičiūtė)

Bogeyman / Baubas (1987, Ilja Bereznickas)

The Secret of a Cactus / Kaktuso paslaptis (1988, Valentas Aškinis)

Generosity / Dosnumas (1988, Zenonas Šteinys)

The Chair / Kėdė (1995, Antanas Janauskas)

Metamorphoses / Metamorfozės (1996, Jūratė Leikaitė)

The Tail / Uodega (2007, Rasa Jonikaitė)

Bridge / Tiltas (2007, Ieva Miškinytė)

Ragnara – A Witch´s Magic / Ragnara – ragnos britai (2008, Antanas Skučas)

Synchronization / Sinchronizacija (2009, Rimas Sakalauskas)

Independence Day (2012, Urte Budinaite)


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