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Rob Knox Short Film Festival

Posted May 12, 2012 in Events

The Rob Knox Foundation supports young people in a range of ways and each year we hold the Rob Knox FIlm Festival. This consists of 9 days of film related activity all provided free of charge to the audience.

The Rob Knox Film Festival was set up in memory of the 18-year-old Harry Potter actor, who was murdered in Sidcup in 2008.




  • Shades of Beige | Written and Directed by Aimee Powell Produced by Ian Beaumont Starring Edward Hogg and Michelle Dockery |  Jodie and Brian shared a deep bond since their infancy but when he is convicted of a child abuse their relationship begins to unravel.
  • Red letters | Directed by Adam Farrington Produced by Natalie Deehy and Adam Farrington Written by Ben Clements Starring Kirk Collens | Death becomes the new way of life when a red letter mysteriously arrives.
  • Our Father | Directed and Written by Marius Ivaskevicius Asta Valciukaite Starring Juozas Budraitis and Aldona Bendoriute | Lisa and her children are just an ordinary family but their father is living a double life.
  • Silly Robin | Directed and Produced by Ian Woodward |  The friendship between a robin and English naturalist Ian Woodward and his wife Zenka. It was a friendship that provoked smiles and induce tears.
  • 8Ball | Directed by Geoff Harmer Written and Produced by Mark Brennan Starring Andrew Coppin | A man sits on a park bench for a much needed break from the world around him. Itʼs not long before his respite is robbed by an unusual passerby.
  • Nijinskyʼs Room | Directed by Gary Shore | If you think you are Nijinsky the famous ballet dancer then they might think you need to stay a while in an asylum. But at least you can still get to dance.
  • Donkey | Directed and written by Keir Burrows Produced by Dieudonnee Burrows and Keir Burrows Starring James Farrer. | Successful Investment Banker David is forced to reassess his life when he encounters a man he used to bully at school.
  • Spoilt Broth | Directed by Toby Roberts produced by Moritz Wessendorff written by Kate Aidley Toby Roberts starring Oliver Korttke and Gary Whelan Attempting to pull off his first heist, a bumbling robber learns a better way to do the job from an unlikely hero.

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